Nursery for Kids

Officially, there are no state nursery and pre-school educational institutions in the United States. Up to 5–8 years old, a child can stay with relatives, a babysitter, visit a private nursery.Nursery for Children in America

The US Department of Education believes that parents, nannies or other relatives should teach the child all the basic knowledge. Most often, when they start attending primary school in zero or first grade (depending on the state of residence). Many children already know how to clearly speak and explain what they want, count, distinguish colors/shapes. Some children already know how to write words and make simple sentences on native language. If the parents of a child under the age of 5 do not have free time to stay with him at home, then there are several options:

  • leave the child stay with other relatives (grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and etc). It is quite a simple and cost-effective option, besides, relatives will not teach you baby bad staff.
  • you may hire a babysitter or tutor. The services of nannies and tutors can cost differently. For example, many high school students (14–19 years old) sit with children for a rather small amount, but they do not have pedagogical education, so many Americans hire only those young nannies who are very well known.
  • also, older people have a side job as babysitters. As the most reliable option, there are special agencies that look for professional nannies and tutors for a child, but the prices for their services are quite high.
  • private children’s groups/gardens. These are also popular in some states because besides the fact that professionals work with the child, he also learns to communicate with other children. Only a person with higher pedagogical education or with extensive experience working with children can open a private nursery. Private kindergartens accept children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years.

If institutions of preschool education conduct its activities legally, then it should have:

  • The number of kindergartners is 3 or more people with pedagogical education or with experience working with children.
  • A game room where children will play, play various scenes, learn the basics of writing and reading.
  • Sleeping room includes beds, one for each child. If there are children under 3 years old, there should be special beds with a fence.
  • A small courtyard with a playground, where children will play in the fresh air. The courtyard should be fenced.