Community Centre

Community Centre

The main areas of support or residents include the development of a network of community centres as a platform for public participation of the population of the city and support in solving local issues.

A community centre is a home for non-profit organizations, in particular: patriotic organizations, youth (volunteer, sports, student, educational, environmental) organizations, war veterans, organizations of people with disabilities, human rights organizations, national associations.

Community centres hold seminars on patriotic education, concert events for holiday dates, intellectual games, residents’ meetings, public hearings, consultations on various issues, various exhibitions and much more.

Leisure activities of both the older and younger generations are organized in circles, sections and clubs. This includes recreational gymnastics, “Scandinavian walking”, fans of choral singing, knitting, handicrafts, gardening clubs, animators school, tourist, chess clubs, children’s dance groups.

Help is expressed in the provision of used clothing, furniture, household appliances, detergents, stationery, food, building materials and other material values.

Areas of activity

  • provision of basic necessities;
  • socio-economic activity;
  • psychological and psychosocial support;
  • legal support, counseling;
  • counteracting violence, discrimination, human trafficking;
  • development and rehabilitation of local infrastructure;
  • community development.

Target groups

  • internally displaced persons;
  • elderly people
  • chronically and seriously ill;
  • crisis families;
  • children;
  • youth and teenagers;
  • women;
  • persons vulnerable to HIV

Used items and other material values are provided to the following categories of citizens living in the city:

  • large families;
  • disabled people;
  • pensioners;
  • persons without a certain place of residence;
  • low-income citizens;
  • citizens affected by emergencies (fire, flood, etc.).